Welcome to the Old Guy Young Guy Show

Old Guy Young Guy Show Episode 1: Driving and Olympic Glory 

Old Guy Young Guy podcast pontificates on various pressing non-essential minutiae of the day. A less funny Seinfeld without the visual. The two have been described as TOO good looking for television.

In the first episode of the Old Guy Young Guy Show we talk about how to drive when you are married, Ryan Lochete and his fall from the top, play a fun improv game, and have some good laughs. Put it in your ear because it is time for the OLD GUY YOUNG GUY SHOW!




This is the Young Guy here and welcome to our first episode of the Old Guy Young Guy Show (OGYGS). The Old Guy is lucky if he can turn on his DVR so setting up a website was not going to happen…

I just want to start off by saying so glad you could stop on by and checkout our first episode. It is a work in progress but I can promise you they will get better.  As of right now my mother and Old Guy’s sister are the two fans we have. So as long as they keep listening we know we haven’t said anything that offensive..yet.

Either way we will be bringing you new episodes every Tuesday! You can follow us on Twitter and on Instagram..but both have nothing going on right now… I can’t do everything so OLD GUY has got to step his game up!



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